The George Washington University Online High School (GWUOHS) is an independent private school for academically talented students in grades 6 –12 who seek a rigorous yet flexible college preparatory program and are motivated to prepare for a life in which they can contribute significantly, responsibly, and respectfully in a global society. The school is a partnership between the nationally renowned George Washington University and K¹², the leading provider of online education for grades K–12 in the U.S. and around the world. Both organizations share a commitment to deliver world-class, individualized education with the singular goal to help each student reach his or her true, personal potential.

Students seeking admission to top tier universities will benefit from The George Washington University OHS’s outstanding college prep curriculum, coupled with extensive teacher support, and personalized step-by-step college counseling.

Our engaging, interactive curriculum has received numerous awards, and is designed by some of the finest minds in education. Our teachers are selected based on deep expertise in their disciplines and are trained to teach online and provide individual attention to each of our students.

GWUOHS students work with each other, instructors, counselors, and academic advisers to achieve their goals. Beyond academics, students also engage in multiple clubs, share their interests, passions, and ideas, and support each other through online discussions and group projects. The success of this school will be evident every day in the academic stimulation that students experience, as they are challenged to reach their highest potential and follow our school’s honor code.

Encouraging the Extraordinary

Discussion Guidelines
1.The GWUOHS K¹² blog is a space for honest, friendly and courteous conversation. Please try to be respectful of the opinions of all posters on thethinktanK¹² blog. Everyone can have a voice here, and the greater the diversity of voices the better. Please add to the conversation on the blog with thoughtful commentary.
2.The GWUOHS K¹² blog focuses on information and community interaction related to education topics. Please keep all comments related to the subject matter of the post, as off-topic or spam entries will be immediately deleted. If you have a question or concern not relating to the topic of the post that you need to communicate to the blog team, please submit it via the “Contact Me” form.
3.Do not post anything that could offend another member of the community. Do not post anything obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, humiliating, defamatory, libelous, invasive of someone else’s privacy, or objectionable. It is at our sole discretion to determine what content is offensive and whether offensive content will be removed. If you have a complaint regarding any of the content posted on this blog, please submit it via the “Contact Me” form
4.We ask for your e-mail address when you post a comment. This will not be published but will be used to verify your comment and possibly to contact you in relation to your comment. We will not use it for any other purposes without your permission (view the Privacy Policy for more detail).

Our Commitment to the Community

Respect is a two-way street. If you take the time to comment within the guidelines above, we appreciate your contribution to the community and we will honor that contribution with the following commitments.

1.This blog is a conversational space where we will discuss issues relating to online education; however we cannot always cover all issues. Visit K¹².com for official information and communications. On this blog you will find conversation and (we hope!) interesting content.

2.We will read all comments and respond as quickly as we can. We may not be able to respond to all submissions, but rest assured, they will be read. Sometimes it may not be possible for us to publish or respond to your comment immediately (especially outside of business hours) but we will try to do so as quickly as possible.

3.We strive to write regular, interesting, and helpful content. We think the best way to show that we appreciate you spending the time reading thethinktanK¹² blog is by making sure you find the information here valuable.

4.We will do our best to get involved with the wider blogosphere and give back to the community where possible. We understand we are not writing in a vacuum here. This blog is a dialogue in itself and is also a part of the wider dialogue happening in online venues everywhere. We’ll do our best to get involved in conversations outside of thethinktanK¹² blog and we hope to link to and comment at the blogs of our regular commenter’s here.

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